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Frequently Asked Questions

Trade Fund is operated by Trade Finance Limited (12712179) & old (11563840), a registered corporation in the United Kingdom. The Company is managed by a team of professional traders with expertise in one of the innovative and fastest growing financial market.

TradeBot is Artificial intelligence (AI) based trading Bot that works 24x7 to buy and sell automatically.

TradeBot learns it own thorough Machine Learning (ML) mechanism. Within the realm of a crypto trading bots, a certain algorithm is developed for trading. After a number of trades, the Bot can determine a pattern of successful trades and modify its own code for future trades.

No prior knowledge is required to get benefit of bot. Your investment goes to a pool and all trading activity is handled and monitored by our experts and profit distributed on daily basis.

The TradeBot will help to identify profitable opportunities and decide what to buy and sell. With expert analysis aiding you, chances of making profit is greatly enhanced as rather looking for few large moves the Bot executes thousand of small trades and earns easily 3% daily on an average.

Yes, You can withdraw your principal on any Saturday.

Yes, 20% Deduction on every withdrawal amount.

When you pay any amount ranging from $10 to $10000, after 72 hours TSP income will start.

For Referral Income, you can earn up to 2 times from your package.

No, Once you get your principal amount withdrawal then you can't Upgrade your id.