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Cellular Advantage

1. Eliminate pressure on hunting land!

Most mature whitetails will leave a property if bumped more than a few times

Most experts say "The first time I visit the woods is the best chance of harvesting a large buck"

The use of scouting cameras has had a slight negative impact on hunting quality - hunters spend so much time in the woods managing cameras, they are pushing the mature deer to other areas

2. Enjoy the thrill of the picture every day - don't wait!

3. Reduce costs - It is actully cheaper to use Smart Scouter than tradtional cameras. See how:

COST OF FILM & DEVELOPING 35mm Camera Digital Camera SmartScouter
3 Rolls of Film (2) $15.00 $0 $0
Processing (3) $18.00 $0 $0
Convert to JPEG (4) $7.50 $0 $0
TOTAL/MONTH $40.50 $0 $0

Avg Trips/Month
to retrieve pictures (5)
2 2 0
Avg distance 100 miles 100 miles NA
Avg price/gallon $2.75 $2.75 NA
Avg gas mileage 15mpg 15mpg NA
TOTAL/MONTH $73.33 $73.33 < $30 (6)
TOTAL $113.50 $73.33 < $30 (6)

(1) Based on average monthly usage. Survey to ~500 camera users reveals average of 120 pictures per month.
(2) Average price per 400 speed 35mm roll - random Internet store search
(3) WalMart quoted price for 2-day single copy developing ($5.95/roll)
(4) WalMart charge to create CD with digital images
(5) Based on survey of hunters estimating travel time to manage cameras
(6) Plan rates will vary and are being negotiated w/ carriers

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