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  1. SmartScouter sends you photos anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection or cell phone.

    • Scent Free Scounting: No disruption to your hunting area.
    • Saves you time and money: No travel expense of going to cameras for picture retrieval.
    • Real Time picture retrieval. More accurate scouting information. Great for security applications.
  2. SmartScouter works as a non-wireless device as well.

    • On-board CF (compact flash) card allows you to use your device in areas with no cell coverage.
    • Allows you to retrieve images while in the field.
  3. SmartScouter is SIMPLE to use and setup.
  4. SmartScouter allows you to be more successful with 24/7 scent free scouting, thus no disruption to your hunting area. Hunting experts agree that a big buck will not tolerate human intrusion more than a few times.
  5. SmartScouter saves you time and money by not having to travel every time just to check your trail cameras. Click here to see real examples of cost savings
  6. SmartScouter can be shared with your friends, and thus is a perfect scouting device for hunting groups and clubs. Each unit has up to 6 different guest accounts, which enables friends to share a smart scouter unit
  7. SmartScouter give you easy photo viewing and management at
  8. SmartScouter supplies you real time monitoring and information, which is entertaining and informative. Know where to hunt tomorrow based on today's game movement
  9. SmartScouter uses an Infrared Monitoring flash system, which allow you to set your camera next to your stand location for precise game monitoring without the fear of spooking them with a white flash
  10. SmartScouter has a variety of uses from scouting to remote security.
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