ATN Thor 4 vs Thor HD – What’s new? 

 October 25, 2018

By  Randy Angwin

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Last updated on July 11, 2021

ATN keeps them coming! The brand is already a market leader when it comes to thermal imaging  products, and it’s keeping itself one step ahead of competitors once again. Consumers already adore the ATN ThOR HD 384 and Thor HD 640, but ATN prides itself in keeping in step with consumers’ requests. Meet, the ThOR 4 range. Did the brand create another winner?

ATN's New Line of Thermal Scopes

Recently the brand revealed its latest upgrade from its already popular ThOR HD range. The latter enhances your hunting capabilities with nifty features such as Recoil Activated Video (RAV) and Smooth Zoom. It also has functional extras. Just think of the built in E-Barometer, the Wi-Fi with which you can access recorded data and a GPS Geotag. The ThOR 4 also now supports dual streaming which means you can shoot, record, and stream to a tablet or smart phone in real-time allowing others to follow your hunt live.

ATN Thor 4


ATN thor 4 smart thermal riflescope

Thermal resolution:

384x288 or 640x480

Thermal resolution:

384x288 or 640x480

Thermal refresh rate;

60 Hz

Thermal refresh rate;
30 Hz


Obsidian IV Dual Core T


Obsidian "T" II

Video streaming:

Dual Streaming

Video streaming:

Yes, single

Eye relief:

90 mm

Eye relief:

65 mm

Battery life:

18 hours

Battery life:

8 hours

But ATN is always looking to solve more of customers’ challenges. Now there is something else gun enthusiasts can consider. We suggest you do a proper ATN ThOR 4 vs ThOR HD comparison before purchasing the best thermal scope for the money - you may just be surprised at what ATN succeeded in getting right.

Optics Range:

When all the devices are finally released, you’ll have a wide range of options, as they’re available in various lens magnification options. Eventually, you can decide (based on your budget and application) between:

ATN Model #


Field of view

Detection Range (human)

Thor 4 384 1.25-5x

1.25x - 5x

16 x 12.5


Thor 4 384 2-8x

2x - 8x

12 x 9.5


Thor 4 384 4.5-18x

4.5x - 18x

6 x 4.7


Thor 4 384 7-28x

7x - 28x

5 x3 .8


Thor 4 640 1-10x

1x - 10x

32 x 25


1.5x - 15x

24 x 19


Thor 4 640 2.5-25x

2.5x - 25x

12.5 x 9.7


Thor 4 640 4-40x

4x - 40x

8.3 x 6.2


Of course, the higher the magnification, the more you’ll have to pay. However, ATN manages to still provide affordable scope options with impressive embedded tech. Any one of these purchases will be a bargain in the end.

Now, what exactly do you have to look forward to?

ATN Thor 4: New Features

ATN thor 4 smart thermal riflescope

In all the products in the Thor 4 range you can look for some improvements and new features, which set them apart from other similar scopes; in some cases making them even vastly different than the Thor HD.

1. The Processor:

So many of the benefits users love are because the design and computer automate certain functions. Of course, you want the machine to work fast so you can take quick action. 

In the ThOR 4 range you have dual core processors working for your benefit. Some of the latest features in computer technology are used in these small devices. The ATN Obsidian IV dual core is powerful and one of the reasons hunters are putting this on their shopping lists. 

2. Thermal Refresh Rate:

On both the 384 and the 640 range you’ll have 60Hz thermal refresh rates. This is why it can be classified as HD thermal imaging and not simply standard definition. But why does this matter? 

The moment you work with HD (50 – 60 frames per second) it affects your capabilities when you’re in the field and ready for action. You can be further away - even as far as four times your usual distance - from your target while getting excellent feedback and image details. This is in part because the HD features also deliver pictures with higher resolution. 

That makes this one of the most important upgrades compared to the Thor HD range, from only 30Hz to the impressive 60Hz.  

What’s the best about this feature? Even small targets now become more visible, no matter the light conditions and even if you’re still far away. If you’re using these scopes in other scenarios, such as law enforcement, it means you’ll see threats long before they put you in danger. And if you’re recording a video, everything you show your friends afterwards will be crystal clear. 

3. Video Recording:

And yes, with this range you CAN record your videos!

You can decide whether you want 30fps or 60fps (30Hz/60Hz), and it’s another beneficial upgrade from the Thor HD. Previously you had to settle for 30Hz only.   

The video resolution is 1280x960. 

Remember, one of the handy features of the ThOR ranges is that you can use RAV (Recoil Activated Video). That means all your action moments will be recorded, without having to remember to press a button. Now, with the ThOR 4, all the riveting footage will be of excellent quality you’ll want to keep for years to come. 

4. Video Streaming:

But why wait to show your friends, colleagues or people who are part of your project? They can view your footage live as it happens with the dual steaming feature in the ThOR 4.

ATN added Dual Stream Video features into this new range, after many requests from customers. That means while you record your footage on the micro SD card you can also stream it live. Others can watch it live in 720p quality.

Hunt. Record. Stream. An excellent idea and ATN got it right.

This is a handy tool for you and other hunters in your group, but also a safety feature if you use these scopes in other scenarios. When everyone knows what you’re seeing, they can take appropriate action in risky situations with up to date, real time information of the target.

You can decide how much space you’ll need for recording as the SD card slot is compatible with 4GB to 64GB cards.

5. Battery Life - Up to 18 Hours:

You don’t want your hunting experience to be cut short, which is why battery life is a high priority when looking for new gear. Once again ATN didn’t disappoint in this department. From our perspective this is the second most important upgrade you’ll enjoy with these scopes. 

While the ThOR HD range already gave you eight hours in the field without needing a recharge, the Thor 4 can give you 18 or even more. On the 384 units the brand even promises as much as 18 hours of continuous use. That’s more than double what the market is used to.

Part of this is thanks to the efficient dual core processor. Because it doesn’t run as hot as many others it helps save energy.  

This is the first ever digital scope that you can take into the field for such a length of time, making ATN a market leader in this aspect.

6. Zoom Control Wheel:

Enter your text Another upgrade focused on user friendliness is the Zoom Control Wheel. If you want to feel in control - despite having automating technology on your side - you’ll love feeling every click as you turn the dial. You won’t have to guess whether the scope registered an adjustment, you’ll get confirmation of every one of your moves....

 The design is also very natural: A dial type most users are already used to. The ridges on the tactile button also make for easy gripping, so your fingers won’t slide off it easily. Even when working in the cold, you’ll find it easy and comfortable to use. 

7. Eye Relief:

Of course, there are many aspects that determine your comfort while using your rifle. ATN didn’t forget about one of the most important convenience (and safety) features: Eye relief.

On the Thor 4 range you have a very comfortable 90mm (3.5”) eye relief, which is more than enough to ensure that recoil won’t cause your eye any harm. It also makes it a more viable option for those wearing glasses and is much more impressive than the Thor HD with its limited 65mm eye relief. 

Yet again, a very important upgrade that aligns with what consumers need and want most. 

Final Thoughts:

No wonder the brand is so excited about this upgrade. The ThOR HD was already impressive but the ThOR 4 takes thermal imaging to a new level. With such excellent processing capabilities and technology the range breaks open a new chapter for hunters and others using these thermal scopes: Why enjoy it alone if you can instantly share it with friends?

Of course, technology is only valuable if it’s packaged in user friendly units. This range impresses all the way. The controls are ergonomic and make it easy to control a very high tech device. They also make it possible for more people to enjoy the sport of hunting optimally, even those wearing glasses.

And that’s what makes it value for money: All the features you want, and easy to utilize it no matter who you are, or even your level of experience. As a final bonus ATN succeeds in keeping prices affordable, so there’s no reason why this shouldn’t make it onto your shopping list too. Will you get one of the Thor 4 384 scopes, or wait for the ultimate in hunting gear, the 640s?

If you have more questions before you buy, why not leave your thoughts below? 

About the author 

Randy Angwin

Randy Angwin holds a master of science degree from University of Florida. He is an expert in infrared and night vision technology. His knowledge helps us staying on top of the latest trends in the thermal industry. When not working, Randy likes to hunt and spend time with his two German shepherds.

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