Carson MiniAura NV-200 Night Vision Monocular Review 

 October 22, 2019

By  Miranda Jones

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Last updated on September 17, 2022

A tech niche which keeps on seeing innovation these days is night vision. There are many types of technology used to enable people - in their professions or at home or for their hobbies - to be able to ‘see’ at night or in low light conditions.

This article covers the impressive model on the 2019 market, namely the Carson MiniAura NV-200. Should you consider buying one? 

NVDs: What You Need to Know

Over the years night vision technology has evolved. These days you can pick between digital and analog devices. All these devices use light sources to help the viewer see more than what’s possible with the naked eye. This is thanks to components such as an IIT (Image Intensification Tube) and CCD (Charge Coupled Device).

The NV-200 belongs to the digital night vision range. These are the most advanced night vision types that transform the light into electronic signals instead of electrons.

The biggest difference you’ll notice when opting for digital rather than analog is that your image will no longer be shades of green and black; even at night you’ll get a black & white representation which often makes for more effective identification of what you’re looking at.

The biggest benefit is that you won’t damage your night vision monocular when you use it in the daytime although Carson doesn’t advise you to use the NV-200 in direct sunlight.

These digital night vision monoculars are usually also more affordable and it’s easy to save your recorded data since it’s already in a digital format. You’ll find many uses for these nifty devices. 

What are Night Vision Devices Used for?

Devices like the NV-200 can now improve surveillance methods. This can be for home owners who want to monitor what goes on on their premises, or security companies empowering guards with appropriate tools.

It’s also a handy tool for hobbies such as watching wildlife at night or helping you navigate in the dark during a camping trip. 

Carson MiniAura NV-200

Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular (NV-200)

The first thing you’ll notice when you take it out is that the NV-200 can easily fit in your hand. It’s small, but powerful and super affordable which is why it’s getting traction on today’s market. Carson made one of the most compact units on the market. A small size also means easy storage, handling and transportation.

It’s also comfortable to hold and you’ll operate it easily as functions such as changing the intensity simply require the push of a button. You’ll see two dials on the exterior. One is for focusing of the eyepiece and the other is for objective lens focusing. These dials are easy to reach and make for easy adjustment while you’re using it. 

Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular (NV-200)


The NV-200 is a simple device that almost anyone can use. It’s ideal to purchase for your family camping trips since even kids will understand how to use it AND it won’t be too heavy for them to use.

Basic specifications:

  • Size: 2.5” x 2.2” 1.0”
  • Weight: 1.9oz
  • Field or Angle of View: 19°
  • Viewing distance: 82ft
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Batteries: 3 AAA

You can see that this will be an extremely comfortable unit to use. It’s small enough to fit into a packpack or even your pocket so you can keep it near for easy access. It’s also very light, so it won’t cause fatigue - take it on long trips or a hiking trail.

At this size you can’t expect the features you’ll find in larger, high end models, so some users feel the field of view is a bit narrow. Still, it’s more than sufficient for many applications.

It’s worthwhile to note that the unit will give you clear feedback of an image even if there is no light available. In pitch black conditions the NV-200 still performs. Yes, even if the object is 80ft away from you. 

Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular (NV-200)

Remember that this model doesn’t allow any magnification. Your personal preference will determine whether this is a drawback as not all users want to magnify their images. The fact that this unit produces much better picture quality than Gen 1 devices while you don’t have to break the bank to own it is enough reason to sacrifice the magnification option, we think.

We also appreciate that the design allows you to use normal AAA batteries, instead of batteries that are less common and can often not be found at your local supermarket. Do note that the brand recommends that you DON’T use rechargeable types of batteries. For optimum performance and battery life, rather keep new ones on hand.

The battery life isn’t very long and if the batteries are left inside, the power tends to drain, so rather remove them between viewing sessions. You’ll appreciate the auto shut off which will activate after five minutes. 



Carson is a trustworthy brand to purchase from as you’ll get a full year’s warranty cover. It’s a limited warranty, but covers both workmanship AND material defects. There are additional warranty options but you’ll need to discuss this with the brand itself.

Note that this unit is not waterproof, even though it has a rubber exterior. Moisture can get inside if it’s submerged, so make sure you take good care of it in rainy conditions. 

What’s in the Box?

This is a user friendly purchase because with your new monocular you’ll get:

  • The monocular
  • Wrist band
  • Carry pouch for safe transportation

Your AAA batteries are NOT included, so make sure to buy. You’ll need three and keep extras on hand for long days in the field. 

Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular (NV-200)

Final Thoughts

You can see it’s a valuable, practical investment many can consider: whether you want to deliver better service for clients with your surveillance company or you’re going camping and hunting with the desire to see wildlife clearly. Slip it into your pocket so it’s on hand when you need it.

Carson got it right again. What are your thoughts on this model?

About the author 

Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones is Smart Scouter's Product Research Manager. Miranda ensures that Smart Scouter stays at the forefront of thermal and night vision technology and knowledge so that our readers know they are getting the most up-to-date information. Miranda has been involved in the thermal industry in various capacities for 12 years. Miranda is a graduate of the University of Ohio and in her spare time enjoys camping and traveling across the US.

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