FLIR E85 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Review 

 July 7, 2017

By  Randy Angwin

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Last updated on September 17, 2022

FLIR Systems Inc. is perhaps the world’s best thermal solutions manufacturer. Known for their advanced technologies, you can’t go wrong with a product designed and developed by FLIR. Their devices span a wide area of applications from search and rescue to manufacturing industries, maintenance, and even the military. 

If you are looking for a high-end thermal camera, the FLIR E85 is a top consideration. Today, we look into the features and the applications of this advanced thermal camera. 

Thermal Imaging Features

FLIR E85 boasts 384 x 288 IR resolution on its thermal detector. It can see through all atmospheric obscurants allowing it to measure over 110,000 points of temperature. It offers superior performance giving you the most accurate results in whichever application you use it. 

With such a high thermal resolution on its uncooled microbolometer, it makes it so easy to measure temperatures of small targets for a far distance, and the image remains clear as day. You get quantitative results that provide accurate findings. This makes it even more useful in maintenance projects where you want to preserve the quality of a building in good condition or for preventive maintenance inspections. 

FLIR E85-24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with 384 x 288 IR Resolution and 24 Degree Lens

This thermal camera also has one of the best screen resolutions in a thermal imager at 640 x 480 pixels. It helps you see the precise details represented on an image so that you will never miss a thing. 

To detect the tiniest temperature changes, the FLIR E85 provides the convenience of a wide temperature detection range. This is from -40F to 2,1920F. Wherever your work takes you, it’s going to be a breeze working with this device. 

Quick and Precise Results:

With laser technology, the FLIR E85 uses Laser Area Measurement that assures accurate results time and time again. You can measure the temperature of a square area, say a square meter or square foot area using laser area measurement. 

the FLIR E85 allows for autofocusing so you don’t have to mess with focus rings to get the focus right. 

FLIR E85-24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with 384 x 288 IR Resolution and 24 Degree Lens

You get an adaptable device that provides changing of the lens to suit the situation at hand. You can choose from one of the lenses in the E-xx series without worrying about calibration because the E85 will do that for you. Its Intelligent Autocal Optics can be shared with other thermal cameras in the E-xx Series. 

MSX and UltraMaxTM Technology:

FLIR and their intuitive technologies help to bring everything into perspective. We begin with Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, otherwise known as MSX. This device benefits from this technology which enhances the clarity of an image by embedding a digital visual image into the thermal image in real time. 

FLIR E85-24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with 384 x 288 IR Resolution and 24 Degree Lens

With this device, you can look at an image and know the exact problem as well as the location of a target. You can see the teeny tiny details like a serial number or a figure that help to tell more about the image. 

UltraMaxTM technology, on the other hand, improves the resolution of a thermal image. The device can capture a series of photos rapidly where you can later transform them into high-definition UltraMax images using FLIR's ResearchIR Reporting Software. 

All the radiometric data is preserved in the final image as you get a picture that can be analyzed with all the relevant details you need. 

Bright Display and Thoughtful Ergonomics:

The FLIR E85 comes with a 4-inch display and a 160-degree viewing angle. It is  as 25% brighter than other thermal camera displays. It means you have the ability to use this camera in dark environments or in bright sunlight where an image could be otherwise misrepresented.

What’s more, it provides a 4X zoom function so you can zero in on the image. Not to mention the picture in picture mode that is re-sizable and movable. 

FLIR E85-24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with 384 x 288 IR Resolution and 24 Degree Lens

You will like that it comes with a highly-responsive touchscreen that makes it fast and easy to navigate. The menu at the bottom of the screen is also pretty easy to operate. Even without much experience with a thermal camera, you will find this one very straightforward. 

When it comes to using the E85 thermal imager, it becomes apparent the extent FLIR goes into making a remarkably designed model. This device is handheld, with the shutter button right at your thumb. You may not be able to use it for long periods because of its weight which is approximately 2 pounds. But it’s a thermal imager you will like having around for when you need very detailed and accurate thermal images. 

Storage and Connectivity:

To store your thermal images, the FLIR E85 provides an 8GB SD card. It is more than enough; you can take as many pictures on the job as needed without any device to transfer them to.

It captures radiometric JPEG images that are ready to transfer to a tablet or smartphone using FLIR’s Wi-Fi app. With the app, it’s possible to stream results with clients which helps in faster decision making. You can also create and edit reports right in the field. 

The FLIR E85 also offers physical transfer of data via USB and HDMI. With an HDMI cable, you can view your images better on a large screen if the 4-inch display is not enough.

Battery Life:

FLIR E85-24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with 384 x 288 IR Resolution and 24 Degree Lens

The FLIR E85 comes with a 3.6V Lithium-Ion battery. It provides approximately 2.5hours of running time in an average temperature of 770F. The battery can be charged in the device or using a separate charger for 2 ½ hours. We would have liked a fast charger on this device considering its price. But you can change or replace the battery which makes it more convenient if it runs out of juice on the job.  

Warranty Information:

For a device that you have to dig deep into your pocket to acquire, FLIR guarantees it under their 2-5-10 warranty. This coverage entails two years for labor, five years for the batteries, and ten years for the most important feature which is the thermal detector. 

Remember that you have to register your device for this warranty as soon as you receive it on FLIR’s customer support website here.


  • Laser-assisted autofocus 
  • Uses MSX and UltraMax image enhancement technologies
  • Comes with a super bright 4-inch capacitive screen
  • High IR resolution (384 x 288 pixels) 
  • Automatic lens identification
  •  5MP digital camera
  • Provides analysis in spot meter and area modes
  • Automatic GPS image tagging 


  • It has a high price tag making it ideal only for professional users

Final Thoughts

From the high thermal resolution to MSX technology and superior performance, the FLIR E85 is a thermal imaging camera for professionals. It is ideal for the most intensive jobs that need a high-quality thermal camera. It is perfect for electrical and industrial applications; with the FLIR E85 you have a winner. 

About the author 

Randy Angwin

Randy Angwin holds a master of science degree from University of Florida. He is an expert in infrared and night vision technology. His knowledge helps us staying on top of the latest trends in the thermal industry. When not working, Randy likes to hunt and spend time with his two German shepherds.

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