PerfectPrime IR0002 Thermal Imaging Camera Review 

 June 13, 2019

By  Miranda Jones

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Last updated on September 17, 2022

A thermal imaging camera is a versatile piece of technology. It was designed specifically to detect different temperatures of objects that you can’t see with the naked eye. You’re able to see these temperature differences due to the heat radiation detected by the thermal camera and displayed as visible image.

Thermal imaging cameras are used for variety of applications. Firefighters use thermal imaging cameras to detect the location of victims in a burning building or where the fire is spreading to. Others use it for hunting at night or in places where the animals are camouflaged by their environment.

But the most common use for imaging cameras is in construction work and home inspections. People use these infrared cameras to detect the exact location of a leaking water or gas pipe. Depending on the quality of your camera you’re able to detect many other issues. 

One quality budget thermal imaging camera is the PerfectPrime IR0002. It enables users to perform important projects safely when it comes to home improvements. Before we discuss other features this thermal camera offers let’s take a look at PerfectPrime's history. 

About the Manufacturer: 

The PerfectPrime Company was founded in 2013 and started out with only a handful of staff members. The company has since opened up six worldwide branches in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong.

PerfectPrime was founded to provide quality, affordable and user-friendly products to the market. The engineering and design of their products set them apart from the rest as their patented products deliver exceptional performance.

The company is a growing corporation that’s developed trusted partnerships with online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Alibaba since their inception. In 2019 the company announced they will be developing new innovative technologies throughout the years to come.

One of these projects includes the Smart Indoor Garden which helps you grow your own vegetables and herbs. PerfectPrime states the garden will be sustainable and it will provide healthier produce for people in the comfort of their own home.

Now, let’s discuss one of their impressive thermal cameras they’re famous for. 

PerfectPrime IR0002 Design:

Perfect-Prime IR0002, Infrared (IR) Thermal Imager & Visible Light Camera with IR Resolution 3600 Pixels & Temperature Range from -20~300°C, 6Hz Refresh Rate

The PerfectPrime IR0002 is a handheld thermal camera with a sturdy non-slip grip. It weighs about 8oz. so you won’t experience any wrist or hand aches while you work on your projects. The PerfectPrime IR0002 comes in an elegant black design with orange trimming.

Besides the elegant style of the camera, the interface is quite user-friendly. There are four buttons you can use to navigate through your thermal camera settings and options. The two additional buttons you can use to set and adjust your images according to your preference. 

The PerfectPrime IR0002 has the following functions:

  • MicroSD support
  • LED lighting lamp
  • Image capture key
  • Visible light camera
  • Infrared imagery sensor

One of the advantages of the handheld design is the image capture key. The grip allows you to hold the thermal camera steady and the capture key allows you to snap the picture quickly. The grip and capture key make this thermal imaging camera an extremely ergonomic design. 

What're the Specs?

The color palette menu can change the representation color of the infrared image displayed on your screen. A number of color palettes are available as listed below:

  • Grey scale color: Provides a balanced linear color and helps reveal the full detail of the image.
  • High-contrast color: Emphasizes the displayed color and the contrast of high temperature & low-temperature objects.
  • Iron and spectra color: Provides a mix high-contrast gray scale color palette.
Perfect-Prime IR0002, Infrared (IR) Thermal Imager & Visible Light Camera with IR Resolution 3600 Pixels & Temperature Range from -20~300°C, 6Hz Refresh Rate

PerfectPrime’s IR0002 has a 2.4" full HD display screen that provides clear images at 0.3 megapixels. Images can be displayed as thermal images or visible light images with its 6Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate is lower than some other thermal cameras on the market but with its lower cost we don't see this as an issue.

The thermal camera can accurately detect hot or cold spots as it has a sensitivity level of 0.15°C. It also has a temperature range of -20 to 300 °C/-4°F to 572 °F. 

PerfectPrime’s IR0002 infrared camera has a long-infrared range electromagnetic spectrum of 9 to 14 µm with a measurement precision of ±2% or ±2℃ (±2% or ±4). You get an infrared resolution of 60x60, which is an upgrade over the cheaper PerfectPrime IR0001.

The camera is designed with a built-in MicroSD card reader so you’re able to properly manage and store your images. You also get a 4GB SD card which is a large storage capacity compared to most thermal imaging cameras.

To power up your thermal imaging camera you’ll need to use four AA Alkaline batteries with 1.5V each; you can also use rechargeable batteries if you prefer.

Image Mixing Compared to FLIR’s MSX:

The IR0002 can capture visible infrared images with the temperature distribution of a targeted area clearly displayed on the screen. This results in an easier understanding of infrared imaging. With the IR0002 you can adjust the image mixing from 0% to 100% using the left and right navigation keys.

FLIR’s MSX is a little different with their image mixing technology. FLIR MSX captures details such as numbers and labels from visible light images & overlays them onto thermal images. There are no opacity adjustments needed. To achieve this FLIR MSX takes two images simultaneously. One image is taken with the built-in digital camera and the other is taken with the thermal imaging camera. The two images are then combined using the integrated software. The software extracts visible light details from the digital image and overlays it on the thermal image in real time. 

Final Thoughts:

As mentioned before you can use thermal imaging cameras for many applications in many different industries. Because of the design and function of the PerfectPrime IR0002, you can conduct home repairs such as detecting problems with HVAC systems & leaking gas or water pipes.

You can use the thermal camera in the industrial section to diagnose any problematic areas such as faulty electrical units as well.

PerfectPrime’s IR0002 is a good budget thermal imaging camera that helps you work on tasks fast and effectively. It will always provide good quality thermal images no matter what the project entails.

Do you need to complete a home improvement or construction project safely? The PerfectPrime IR0002 will definitely help you shave some minutes off of those time sensitive tasks.

About the author 

Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones is Smart Scouter's Product Research Manager. Miranda ensures that Smart Scouter stays at the forefront of thermal and night vision technology and knowledge so that our readers know they are getting the most up-to-date information. Miranda has been involved in the thermal industry in various capacities for 12 years. Miranda is a graduate of the University of Ohio and in her spare time enjoys camping and traveling across the US.

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