PerfectPrime IR0280 Budget Thermal Imaging Camera Review 

 September 7, 2019

By  Randy Angwin

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Last updated on September 17, 2022

PerfectPrime is one of the newer manufacturers in thermal imaging products. It’s known for designing and manufacturing quality but affordable products. And their IR0280 thermal imaging camera is one of the company’s notable new products for people working on a budget.


PerfectPrime IR0280 packaging

Users will appreciate the user friendly design of this thermal imaging camera. This IR0280 features the traditional gun design which makes the unit easy to handle and use.

The manufacturer included a protective carrying case that will not only make handling easy but also protect the device when not in use. You’ll appreciate how this will significantly prolong the operational lifespan of the product.

The thermal camera is available in a bright red color that contributes to the unit’s aesthetics. Generally, the unit looks well made which guarantees durability.

PerfectPrime IR0280 thermal sensor

This product runs on Android. Users can easily update firmware in the comfort of their home for a smoother operation and get any future software updates that may come out.

You’ll appreciate the bottom handle which features a threaded hole designed for a camera stand. Making use of this feature will help you steady the camera whether you’re monitoring or recording a video.

Weighing a little over 6oz, you can tell that it’s a very lightweight device. Moving it around from one place to the next will be hassle free.

PerfectPrime IR0280 case

IR0280 Thermal Resolution

The IR0280 is one of the cheapest gun style thermal imaging cameras available on the market. If you’re lucky, you can find it on sale for less than $200.

However for such a low price, you can’t expect crisp thermal images as evidenced by the 32 x 32 thermal resolution. Bear in mind that it also features a 9Hz image frequency which is standard for novice users. But nonetheless the unit will do the expected job; the resolution is adequate enough to identify thermal problems being investigated.

With the image capture function, not only can you easily identify but also analyze any temperature changes in the identified objects. This makes the unit ideal to use when scanning at widely contrasting temperatures.

PerfectPrime IR0280 electronics testing

The model also allows you to set the temperature ranges and alarms manually where necessary.

Information provided by the unit is adequate enough to aid in decision making.

With this unit you’ll appreciate how it’s designed to save data in CSV format. Thanks to this functionality, the saved data can be used with most thermal reporting software.

Image Mixing

PerfectPrime IR0280 image blending

Another of the unit’s impressive features includes its image mixing capability. The camera has a 0.3 mega pixel visual camera that can work together with the thermal sensor. Though IR0280 only features a 32 x 32 thermal resolution, the visual camera can add necessary details to the thermal image to identify issues.

It helps that navigating the different thermal modes with this unit is quick and intuitive. You can easily switch from thermal, thermal-visual to visual modes with ease.

PerfectPrime IR0280 samples_2

Thermal image

PerfectPrime IR0280 samples_1

Thermal-visual mode

PerfectPrime IR0280 samples_6

Thermal image

PerfectPrime IR0280 samples_7

Thermal-visual mode

PerfectPrime IR0280 samples_14

Thermal image

PerfectPrime IR0280 samples_13

Thermal-visual mode

Touch Screen

To add onto the user friendly nature of the device, the manufacturers included an easy to navigate touch screen. Moving the cursor or measuring the other points on the device is pretty simple.

Thanks to this 2.8" touch screen, real time temperature information is displayed for an accurate investigation of detected objects.

PerfectPrime IR0280 AC testing menu


The touch screen isn’t the only part you’ll find easy to operate. General operation if the device is simple; you’ll find the controls easy and intuitive whether you want to navigate the menu or use the power button.

Navigating the device from left to right or up and down is also quick & hassle free. As a result beginners will find this unit ideal.

IR0280 Battery Life

The device is designed to run for at least six hours thanks to the lithium battery included by the manufacturer. But of course how long the battery lasts will also depend on other factors such as usage and settings.

To save on battery life, the unit features a stand-by mode. If you don’t switch off the camera, the device automatically goes into this mode. By simply pressing the power button, the camera will immediately be reactivated and ready for use again.

If it does run out of power, charging the unit is easy. Simply make use of the micro USB port present on the device. You can use a standard USB cable for recharging.

Zoom Function

Note that the unit features a zoom function. But you’re not likely to find it very useful given the low resolution of the thermal imaging camera.

Storage Capacity

With most thermal imaging cameras, images may need to be viewed or retrieved at a later date. For this reason they come with a provision for internal storage and this IRO280 luckily also has this feature.

This model comes with 16GB micro-SD card to store your images which should be plenty for anyone.


This is the device to pick if you want extremely fast detection of anomalies present on images. But given the nature of the specs present on this thermal imaging camera, it’s mostly ideal to use for HVAC and electrical inspection. For other more complex thermal imaging functions, we don’t think the resolution is high enough. You’ll have to opt for a model with a higher thermal resolution (we can recommend the PerfectPrime IR0018 model).


The product is covered by a one year warranty on all parts, proving that it’s a wise investment.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this is an excellent and cost-effective unit that’s ideally suited for someone with a thermal imaging task that doesn’t require high resolution. The product comes with a simple to understand instruction manual to aid in operation.

You will be particularly impressed by how easy this unit is to operate. You can even operate it using only one hand. In addition you won’t find it hard to master its operations.

Will we be recommending it to a friend? Absolutely. We’re impressed with this product not because it’s the best camera on the market, but it’ll definitely give you value for your money.

About the author 

Randy Angwin

Randy Angwin holds a master of science degree from University of Florida. He is an expert in infrared and night vision technology. His knowledge helps us staying on top of the latest trends in the thermal industry. When not working, Randy likes to hunt and spend time with his two German shepherds.

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