PerfectPrime IR0280H Fever Detection Thermal Camera Review 

 June 26, 2020

By  Miranda Jones

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Last updated on September 17, 2022

Now more than ever it’s crucial for employers and families to be able to easily diagnose the potential signs of COVID-19. One of the signs of the virus is elevated body temperature. Being able to detect high body temperatures at a safe distance is even more important because you don’t want to put yourself at risk. The Perfect Prime IR0280H allows you to do exactly that.

In today’s review, we’ll be looking at the important features and specifications of the Perfect Prime IR0280H. Continue reading to find out how this innovative thermal camera can assist you with detecting fevers at a safe distance. 

About Perfect Prime

Perfect Prime is a company that specializes in IoT technology at affordable prices. The company offers you an array of thermal imaging devices designed for various tasks in the following industries: 

You can find any thermal camera for the job through Perfect Prime and you’re guaranteed top quality products that will get the job done fast. The company’s mission is to drive customer satisfaction on all their devices.

Now the company has developed a fever detection thermal camera that’s used to scan people’s temperatures. This is an excellent device to use in places that have high foot traffic such as malls or airports. It’s an affordable unit that companies can invest in for everyone’s safety. A valuable asset these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

PerfectPrime IR0280H

PerfectPrime IR0280H power up
PerfectPrime IR0280H case

In order for you to make a conscientious decision on whether to purchase the IR0280H device, you must look at the specs and features. You’ll find that this device has specs that are standard but will be able to detect high fevers at a safe distance, which is exactly what many companies need.

Thermal Resolution

The Perfect Prime IR0280H camera has a thermal resolution of 32 x 32 or 1024 pixels which is considered relatively modest by today’s standards. But remember, it’s not really about the quality of the pixels in this case. It’s the quality of the thermal sensor that’s important in detecting fevers, therefore this model can get the job done.

PerfectPrime IR0280H thermal sensor
PerfectPrime IR0280H thermal only mode

Digital Resolution

This thermal camera has a visible image resolution of 0.2 megapixels (640x480 pixels). While the thermal resolution is low, the quality in normal view (non-infrared) is still high and the sensor’s function is also accurate. In fact, this is more advantageous in identifying a person who may be flagged for having a high temperature.

PerfectPrime IR0280H visual camera

Temperature Detection Range

There are two modes available with this thermal camera: human and industrial.

The Human Mode temperature detection range is 32°C~42°C or 89.6°F~107.6°F which is highly accurate and gives you reliable data even when you’re 2 meters away from your target. This will reduce your risk of getting infected by COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses.

The industrial mode gives you a range of -30 to 1000 °C.

Refresh Rate

Perfect Prime’s IR0280H camera has a refresh rate of 9Hz. It’s a standard refresh rate for a budget thermal camera. While the rate is adequate for use in fast-moving crowds there could be lag, making it difficult to identify possible cases. But since you’ll be using the device to detect fevers it will give you an accurate reading even if there’s a slight lag when taking videos. When taking images at 9Hz it will give you a clear picture.

Start-up Time

The start-up time is slightly slower than other thermal cameras. It will take around 10 seconds to start the device. On the other hand, this camera does have a standby mode from which you can start it up immediately when you need to. This saves you time so just remember to utilize the setting.

PerfectPrime IR0280H thermal imager


The thermal camera has a measuring accuracy in human mode of +/-0.3°C. This camera's sensor will automatically detect the hottest point on the human body. It has a tracking mode too which takes the temperature of the forehead.

In industrial mode, that accuracy decreases to +/-2°C but gives you a much wider temperature detection range.

PerfectPrime IR0280H menu

Multiple Image Formats Available

The Perfect Prime IR0280H camera saves your images in three formats:

  • JPG
  • BMP
  • MP4

These file formats can be saved on Windows or iOS laptops and PCs.

How does it Capture Images?

You can take three types of images:

  • Visual
  • Overlay
  • Thermal

Additionally, there are nine color palettes to select from. 

Saving Data

With the Perfect Prime IR0280H thermal camera you can save and transfer all your images & videos. The device comes with a Micro SD card that has a 16GB capacity. This is sufficient for quite a number of images you may want to store. 

PerfectPrime IR0280H usb connection

Customizable Temperature Alert Alarm

You can customize the temperature detection on the Perfect Prime IR0280H camera. When the device detects temperatures at the levels you’ve set it to, the unit will sound off an alarm. You can do this in a crowd of people and the camera will detect anyone who has the high fever that’s set on your device.

If there’s a large group of people you have to monitor, this feature will save you a lot of time. You can scan all of them quickly and easily without testing each person one at a time. The camera is technically capable of identifying several people at once provided they are all within view of the sensor which is shown through the screen.

Even though the sensor may only show the temperature of one individual, it means the temperature of the others is lower than the individual you’re scanning. 

Detection Range

As mentioned before the thermal has a detection range between 1 and 2 meters which ensures contactless measurements. This is for your own safety when scanning employers.

Easily Switch Between Celsius and Fahrenheit

The Perfect Prime IR0280H camera has Metric and Imperial conversions that you can switch between easily.

Taking pictures with the Perfect Prime IR0280H camera is straightforward. Simply set the device to either Imperial or Metric and customize it to the temperatures you want it to detect. You’ll be able to see the image before you capture it on the LCD color screen.

It will automatically take the images or you can do it manually. This is a handheld device so you can simply point the thermal camera in the direction where you want to take an image. The Perfect Prime IR0280H comes with a tripod too so you can set it up and allow people to walk past the camera to do quick scans. 

Battery Life

The thermal camera has a long battery life and charges fast too. There’s an integrated 18650 Li battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous use before it requires any charging.


The unit is covered by a 1-year warranty which covers all the parts of the device.

The Build Quality of the Perfect Prime IR0280H

The Perfect Prime IR0280H thermal camera has an excellent build. While it’s not as robust as a top of the line FLIR thermal camera that may cost you thousands of dollars it still has a solid build. Additionally, it comes with a protective case and a charging cable.


PerfectPrime IR0280H measuring

The Perfect Prime IR0280H thermal camera has a 2.8" color display screen where you can view your images and videos, browse through the menus & adjust your settings. The handle has an adequate length to accommodate all hand sizes and it’s covered in a non-slip grip rubber. This handle is ergonomically designed for comfort when holding the camera.

Perfect Prime’s camera has a trigger on the back that allows you to take pictures manually. The buttons on the front are durable so they won’t wear over time. There’s an integrated speaker on the side of the device so you can hear the alarm going off when it detects someone with a high fever. 

Touch Screen Interface

Perfect Prime’s IR0280H thermal camera has a touch screen interface that’s effortless to use. There are buttons on the display that allow you to switch the device on or off and to customize your settings.

Weight of the Device

This thermal camera weighs 14.1oz which is light compared to many other devices. Since it’s a handheld camera this is important; it won’t cause strain on your wrists when you’re working with it.

Comes with Tripod

As mentioned before the Perfect Prime’s IR0280H thermal camera comes with a tripod so you can set it up in entry and exit points. Since it has automatic detection it will capture images of people with high temperatures and save it onto the device with a timestamp & date. This way you don’t have to be near the area when the camera is scanning people. You can be behind a glass screen and simply stop people from entering the building when the temperature alarm goes off. The tripod is definitely a convenient part of this thermal camera if you want to keep a safe distance when scanning people.

Furthermore, the tripod doesn’t take up too much floor space so you can set it up in smaller areas too. The camera has a port under the handle that allows you to attach it to the tripod. 

Where Can The Camera Be Set Up?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are trying to find new ways to manage areas that have lots of foot traffic. The Perfect Prime IR0280H thermal camera is the ideal device to set up at the following entrances and exits:

  • Airports
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Train stations
  • Bus stations
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Museums
  • Office blocks 

The camera can scan people as they walk by and the alarm will go off as soon as it detects someone who has a high fever. You can subsequently prevent the person from entering the building or encourage them to take a test. 

What Else is the Thermal Camera Used For?

Water Pipe Thermal F
Thermal Camera No Temp
Thermal Camera No Temp 2
Stove Thermal F (2)

The Perfect Prime’s IR0280H thermal camera is quite versatile and can help you detect temperature differences in various settings. Even though the camera was specifically designed to monitor human temperatures it can also be used as a traditional thermal device. Here’s what you can use the camera for other than fever detection.

Gas Leaks 

You can use the camera for general tasks around the home to detect gas leaks from stoves, pipes or canisters.

Water Leaks

This camera has the specs that can be used in professional plumbing or for general use around the home. If there’s a water leak you can locate it easily so you can fix it without hassle.

Computer or Sound System Hardware 

Some people use thermal cameras to detect how hot their computers get so they can take action and prevent damage. You can do this with sound equipment too so you can maintain temperatures inside a room that accommodate DB boards and speakers.

Electrical Work 

Electricians can use this thermal camera for general tasks around homes and office environments to fix wires that aren’t insulated. 

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Prime IR0280H thermal camera is an excellent device that doubles as a fever detection unit.

While it may be more expensive than an infrared thermometer it's 1 to 2-meter testing range and dual-use as a traditional camera make it a superior choice when it comes to getting value for money. The price and quality of the device allow businesses to purchase multiple cameras without breaking the bank.

The purpose of the thermal camera is to prevent people that show signs of the virus coming into contact with others so that there’s no risk of more people contracting COVID-19. While temperature detection is only the first step in diagnosing a COVID-19 infection, being able to do it quickly and accurately can help flatten the curve.

So if you want to prevent the spread of COVID-19 consider purchasing the Perfect Prime’s IR0280H for your business. Set it up in doorways so you can scan people at a safe distance. Technology to the rescue once again!

About the author 

Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones is Smart Scouter's Product Research Manager. Miranda ensures that Smart Scouter stays at the forefront of thermal and night vision technology and knowledge so that our readers know they are getting the most up-to-date information. Miranda has been involved in the thermal industry in various capacities for 12 years. Miranda is a graduate of the University of Ohio and in her spare time enjoys camping and traveling across the US.

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